“The homeless youth in other parts of South Carolina are not given many opportunities to succeed.  However, in Columbia, SC, the organization MIRCI has given me outlets and resources to overcome my life adversities.” 

“I moved to Columbia, SC hoping to restart my life.  The Transitions Homeless Center was the first stop on my journey.  Having been homeless for months, they offered me shelter, food, and outlets who could help me make it on my own.  At that point in my life, there wasn’t much hope for the future. However amongst the dark clouds was a beacon of hope in the form of MIRCI.  Through word of mouth I learned that there was a place in Columbia that could benefit my life – not just temporarily but permanently. The individuals who work at MIRCI, along with their many community partners, has transformed the lives of many youth throughout the area, including mine.  Through MIRCI’s help, I now receive beneficial mental health counseling. I have my own apartment as well as a safe place to go and work on goals during the day. My life has drastically changed since joining MIRCI, and without this organization’s help, I’m not sure how my life would’ve turned out.  MIRCI is a significant part of our community whose existence will impact the lives of young people for many years to come – just like mine.”

Brandon entered MIRCI through the Homeless Youth Drop-in Center before entering the Transitional Living Program at MIRCI’s Youth Home.  From there, Brandon moved into his own apartment where he lives today.