A Better Tomorrow

“Today was rough.  Maybe tomorrow would be better,” Tim thought to himself.  Tim had fled a tumultuous relationship with his family who had been forcing him to sleep on their porch for more than a year.  He had finally had enough and decided that things must be better on the streets than at home. Tim had been unable to find a bed in a local shelter and resorted to what he knew best: sleeping on a local business’s front porch. 

He had heard about the drop-in center from two other youth he met on the streets.  He made his way to Gregg Street, looking forward to a hot meal and help finding his own place. 

The doors opened and Tim entered. 

MIRCI had celebrated the Youth Home ribbon cutting a week earlier and everyone eagerly anticipated the home’s opening.  Applications were being processed and Tim appeared to be an ideal candidate.

Tim committed himself to finding employment and applied for a job selling knick-knacks at the State Fair.  The fair left town on October 21, and Tim was once again on the hunt for gainful employment. We were struck by Tim’s dedication to improving his situation and invited him to move into the Youth Home on October 22.  A week later, he had a full-time apprenticeship with a local plumber. 

Nine months later, Tim remains steadfast in his commitment to changing his life.  He still works for the plumber. He’s opened a savings account and makes regular deposits.  He has surrounded himself with positive people and has even reconnected with his family. “Today was good, but tomorrow will definitely be better!”