MIRCI holds one large annual event each year along with several smaller fundraiser events throughout the year. We also host annual Board of Director Meetings and Quarterly Agency tours.

About 52 Windows:
52 Windows started in 2012 when all 52 windows were removed from a Columbia home during its renovation and donated to MIRCI. The homeowner wanted the windows to have a second purpose and become something people would look at rather than look through. The idea evolved into the 52 Windows fundraiser and art exhibition to benefit the housing and homeless programs of MIRCI.  In 2012 and 2013 there were 52 windows with 52 Artists. In 2014 The event was theme based with 52 Artists. In 2015 the Committee decided to have ten featured artists and ten Friends of MIRCI artists. To learn more about the past history of 52 Windows please click here.

All artists are chosen by a selection committee.
If you are interested in being an artist in our fundraiser event please contact Melissa Ray at for more info.

2018 52 WINDOWS Event

Tickets can be purchased at the door

Housing Starter Kits

For a small donation you can help purchase
the following items for new MIRCI Clients!

Housing Starter Kits